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Patricia K.

“My Bichon has stopped chewing her paws and scratching since taking Tails N Tummies.”

Sarah J.

“Our two Labradoodles frequently have itchy, uncomfortable hot spots. These probiotics have made a big difference in reducing our pups’   discomfort. Thank you!”

Chris S.

“My German Shepherd no longer has wax build up in his ears, his coat is shiny and full again, and he doesn’t have that yucky yeast smell anymore! This stuff works!”

Gwen R.

“My dog had chronic ear infections until I found Tails n Tummies probiotics. No more ear infections since and all I have to do is put it in her food bowl every day, so simple. Can’t do without it, it’s great!”

Jennifer R.

“His hair has started growing back since he has started this probiotic.”

Bobbi H.

“Both my dogs have stopped licking, biting, and chewing on their bodies. No more scratching and just seem to be overall happier!”

Tracy M.

“I highly recommend this probiotic. The quality is excellent and affordable. Tails N’ Tummies delivers with speed and it’s easy to give to your fur baby. I drop one small pill in Abbey’s food each morning. Her digestion is great and her skin allergy has subsided.”

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