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Patented Probiotic Strain

Patented Probiotic Strain

With an acceptability rate of over 95%, our patented probiotic strain is designed to minimize common side effects.

1 Billion CFU Per Tablet

1 Billion CFU Per Tablet

Each tablet in our probiotic contains 1 billion CFU or colony-forming units. It means one bottle contains a potent 60 billion CFUs.



After ingestion, our tablets release good bacteria throughout the day. It allows the one daily dose to be effective.



Some dogs are gluten intolerant, and this can cause inflammation in their bodies. We ensured that our probiotic contained no grains in it.



You will not find any dairy ingredients in our probiotic. That means no diarrhea, bloating, or abdominal discomfort for your dog.

Easy to Give to Your Dog

One of the things that give dog owners the most trouble is figuring out how to give probiotics to their dogs. It is why our tablets are designed small and kibble-like, so you can add it to wet or dry food.

Probiotics for Dogs in Bowl
Weight Daily Amount
Under 25 lbs.
25 - 50 lbs.
Over 50 lbs.
Feeding Directions: Tablet(s) should be taken with a meal.

Made for All Ages & Sizes

From when they're puppies to adults, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving a high-quality probiotic from us. Just change the number of tablets given according to their weight.

Minimally Processed Ingredients

We ensured that our probiotic contained no dairy, no gluten, and the least amount of processed ingredients while still preserving the good bacteria in each tablet. It means all of the benefits for your dog with none of the downsides.


Microcrystalline cellulose, dried Lactobacillus plantarum 6595 fermentation product, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, natural pork flavor, dried apple pomace/dried citrus pulp, stearic acid, sodium carbonate.

Contains a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms.

Dog Parents Rave About Our Probiotics for Dogs!

The following reviews and photos are from real people. Submit yours here.

Probiotic -- Diarrhea is Gone!

I have tried multiple pet probiotics and my puppy has always gotten diarrhea from them. She has been dealing with a urinary tract infection that required antibiotics so it was very important that she be on a probiotic. The Tails N Tummies probiotic is the only product I have found that DOES NOT CAUSE HER TO HAVE DIARRHEA!! This is a blessing for her and I'm very grateful for this product. It actually works!

Submitted by Michael Slayton

🐶 Benji

Seems to help my baby

My old girl has been suffering for sometime with allergies, itchy skin, yeast problems and has been miserable! She has been taking these for a couple weeks now and they seem to be helping her alot!! I am so glad i purchased them.

Submitted by Denise

🐶 Chanel

Tails & tummies

I was one of the fortunate people who received a free bottle of probiotics from Tails & Tummies. I want o let them & everyone else how much I appreciated the bottle of probiotics. My dog HAD the worst breath. This product has helped her breath & I can see that she feels better too. I'm so happy for Tails &.Tummies that I found a product that worked. Thank you will be ordering more

Submitted by Andrea Andrzejewski

🐶 Lily

It works

I was a little nervous about giving these to my lab. I did some research and decided it is worth a try. Glad I did. Saw a big improvement on my dogs skin and she seems to be less itchy. I for sure will be buying these in the future!!!!

Submitted by Anna

🐶 Lucy

Thank you so much!

I have noticed that the scratching on her ears have stop a little bit she getting better thank you so much for caring for the furbaby

Submitted by Milagros Aponte

🐶 Orpheo


My dog in just a few days have stopped iching their ears and not so much redness in their ears. Thanks

Submitted by Ellen

🐶 Rocky


I am satisfied with the results. The probiotics have helped Annie with her stomach. And ears are clearing up. She is doing a lot better.

Submitted by Yvonne Corriher

🐶 Boxer


Just wanted to thank you for the free bottle of probiotics for my dog. he is a very nervous dog and sometimes will not eat because of nervous stomach but, since taking the probiotic seems to be doing better.

Submitted by Carol A Frank