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Formulated for Dogs with Allergies, Infections, and Digestive Issues

Also Recommended for Dogs on Antibiotics

Containing a patented probiotic strain, our Probiotics for Dogs works around the clock to restore natural levels of good bacteria. Made of minimal ingredients and with a 95% acceptability rate, it can improve your dog's health*.

* We're so confident in our product, we offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee on first-time orders.

Probiotics for Dogs

Nourish Your Dog's Microbiome


  • 60-count bottle / $0.42 per tablet
  • Backed by 60-day 100% money-back guarantee

Give your dog the digestive support they need to keep them healthy and their bodies working at an optimal level. Probiotics help to restore the good gut bacteria in our furry friends. When they have a balanced microbiome, their bodies and immune system are stronger. Our probiotics have a 95% acceptability rate in dogs and are made with minimal ingredients and no allergens for better absorption. Giving them a healthier gut and a new leash on life!

    1 billion CFUs



    Pork flavor


    Made in USA

    This Is How It Does That

    Take a look at some of the benefits our product has to offer.

    Easy to Give to Your Dog

    One of the things that give dog owners the most trouble is figuring out how to give probiotics to their dogs. It is why our tablets are designed small and kibble-like, so you can add it to wet or dry food.

    Patented Probiotic Strain

    Our patented probiotic strain was designed to minimize common side effects that can be experienced. It is made for dogs and has a 95% acceptability rate.

    Made for All Ages & Sizes

    From when they're puppies to adults, you can rest assured that your dog is receiving a high-quality probiotic from us. Just change the number of tablets given according to their weight.

    Minimally Processed Ingredients

    We ensured that our probiotic contained no dairy, no gluten, and the least amount of processed ingredients while still preserving the good bacteria in each tablet. It means all of the benefits for your dog with none of the downsides.

    It's Helped Their Dogs. It Can Help Yours!

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    Learn More About Probiotics for Dogs

    Check out our blog for more information on how probiotics can help your dog.

    What Do Probiotics Do for Dogs?

    You probably know that humans ingest good bacteria, in the form of probiotics, because of its many health benefits. But did you know that dogs can and should take probiotics as well?

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    Still Have Questions?

    We’ve got the answers to some of those lingering questions on your mind.

    A: Our dog probiotic tablets are made to resemble kibble so you can easily add it to your dog's wet or dry food.

    A: Our probiotics contain a patented strain with over 95% acceptability rate in dogs meaning the side effects should be minimal. Also, it contains no ingredients derived from dairy or gluten. With that said, each dog is different, and we do recommend consulting with the veterinarian..

    A: You can, but human probiotic supplements may contain other bacterial strains and ingredients that may be harmful to them. Our probiotic is made specifically for dogs.

    CFUs stand for colony-forming units. Each tablet in our probiotic contains 1 billion CFUs. It means one bottle contains a potent 60 billion CFUs.

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