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About Us

Discover the passion behind Tails ‘N’ Tummies. Our journey, commitment to canine wellness, and the dedicated team ensuring your pup gets the best. Dive into our story and the heart of our brand.

Welcome to Tails 'N' Tummies, where fun, love, and quality animal supplements collide in a fur-tastic explosion!

We are a tight-knit family of 4 based in sunny Orlando, Florida, sharing a boundless passion for animals.

Our love for pets, especially dogs and cats, is a treasured part of our family culture that we've enjoyed for years.

We established Tails' N' Tummies with this affection for animals as our guiding star.

This venture is not just a business for us—it's a heartfelt commitment to improving the lives of our beloved four-legged companions.

Our mission is simple: We believe that our furry friends are family and deserve nothing but the best. Therefore, we ensure our products use simple, clean, and minimally processed earthly ingredients.

All our paw-some products are proudly made in the USA and avoid common allergens that might negatively impact our furry pals' well-being.

We recognize and honor the immense joy and unconditional love our pets bring. They are our loyal companions, steadfast confidantes, and beloved family members.

They give us endless snuggles and can instantly turn a 'ruff' day into a 'pawsome' one! It's our turn to reciprocate the love and care they consistently shower upon us.

Join us as we work together to ensure our pets enjoy the healthier, happier lives they deserve.

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