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Discover our premium supplements, each tailored to enhance your pup's well-being. Quality ingredients meet expert formulation for optimal canine health.

Tailored Supplements

Probiotics for Dogs


Boost your pup’s overall well-being with our meticulously crafted probiotics! Designed to enhance digestion, these probiotics actively counter allergies and neutralize antibiotic side effects. By promoting gut health, they pave the way for a more joyful pup, ensuring they thrive with a consistently happy, balanced tummy and a zest for life.

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Best for: Gastrointestinal Support, Allergies, Yeast Infections, Gas, Bad Breath, Immune Support, Skin Issues, Effects of Antibiotics

Allergy Relief for Dogs


Combat allergies the natural way! Our powerful blend, anchored by astragalus and nettle, offers robust defense against seasonal challenges. Complemented by turmeric's soothing properties, this formula works diligently to alleviate symptoms, providing your pup with genuine relief from itchiness, discomfort, and the nuisances of allergies.

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Best for: Skin Irritations, Respiratory Symptoms, Seasonal Allergies, Environmental Allergens, Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Melatonin for Dogs


Grant your pup the gift of calm with our Melatonin supplement. Meticulously crafted using nature's finest ingredients, it's designed to alleviate anxiety during tense moments and unfamiliar surroundings. This blend ensures restful nights and serene days, fostering a harmonious environment for both your furry friend and you

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Best for: Anxiety and Stress, Sleep Disorders, Cushing’s Disease, Alopecia, Reproductive Cycle Regulation, Reactive or Hyperactive Behavior

Glucosamine for Dogs


Glucosamine is a game-changer for canine joint health. This natural compound aids in rebuilding cartilage, providing essential cushioning for their joints. It actively combats arthritis, reducing inflammation and pain. With consistent use, it ensures enhanced mobility, letting your pup enjoy a more active, pain-free life. A true boon for aging or active dogs.

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Best for: Joint Health, Arthritis Relief, Cartilage Repair, Hip Dysplasia, Mobility Improvement, Pain Reduction, Inflammation Control

Bundled Nutrition

Probiotics + Allergy Relief

Allergy Bundle

Introducing our Allergy Defense Duo: Probiotics + Allergy Relief. Target allergies at their root with Probiotics, fortifying gut health for a stronger immune defense. Complement with Allergy Relief to directly ease itches and sneezes. Together, they form the perfect alliance, granting your pup a joyful life, free from allergy woes.

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