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Alleviate Allergies, Infections, and Digestive Issues

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Containing a patented probiotic strain, our Probiotics for Dogs works around the clock to restore natural levels of good bacteria. Made of minimal ingredients and with a 95% acceptability rate, it can improve your dog’s health.

Probiotics for Dogs

From Tummy Tiffs to Joyful Lifts
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Our specially formulated probiotics are designed to address common canine concerns, ensuring your furry friend enjoys optimal health. With a unique blend that promotes a balanced gut, this supplement not only aids digestion but also fortifies the immune system, making every day a good day for your pup. Made with minimal ingredients and boasting a 95% acceptability rate, it’s the natural choice for conscientious pet owners. Give your dog the gift of vitality and watch them thrive.

Active Ingredient: Lactobacillus Plantarum

Inactive Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, natural pork flavor, dried apple pomace/dried citrus pulp, stearic acid, sodium carbonate

Weight / Amount:
Under 25 pounds / 1 tablet
25 - 50 pounds / 2 tablets
Over 50 pounds / 2 - 3 tablets
1 Billion CFUs
Pork Flavor
Made in USA

Fight Ailments with Good Bacteria

Act Against Allergies and Stop the Scratching

Every dog deserves relief from allergies, and probiotics are nature’s solution. By meticulously balancing the gut flora, they actively diminish inflammatory responses. This means fewer sneezes, less itching, and a radiant coat. With our probiotic, your dog can experience the outdoors without the drawbacks of common allergens.

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Rise Above Infections and Boost Defenses

Strengthen your dog’s natural defenses with the power of probiotics. These tiny, beneficial bacteria supercharge your dog’s natural defenses, making them formidable opponents against harmful pathogens. With consistent use, your dog becomes better equipped to prevent infections and recover with resilience.

Turn Digestive Troubles into Smooth Meals and Happy Tails

Digestive woes can dampen a dog’s spirit, but not with our probiotics on your side. By optimizing gut health, our probiotics ensure smoother digestion, fewer upsets, and reduced bloating. Every meal becomes a celebration, and every day is free from the discomfort of digestive disturbances.

Navigate Antibiotics and Restore Gut Balance

Antibiotics, while beneficial, can disrupt the delicate balance of gut bacteria. Probiotics step in to restore harmony, replenishing the good bacteria that might be lost during treatment. With our probiotic support, your dog’s gut remains healthy, ensuring vitality even after a course of antibiotics.

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How It Works

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that harmonize a dog’s gut, enhancing digestion and immunity. They counteract harmful bacteria and create a pivotal balance that can alleviate digestive discomforts, and aid recovery post-antibiotics. These natural powerhouses elevate overall health, ensuring your pup’s vitality and well-being.

Clean ‘N’ Minimal Ingredients

Lactobacillus Plantarum: The Single Strain Powerhouse Behind Our Probiotics

Lactobacillus Plantarum stands as a beacon in the realm of canine health. This powerful probiotic strain, the heart of our product, offers a plethora of benefits tailored for your furry friend. From promoting a balanced gut environment and aiding digestion to reducing inflammation and fortifying the immune system, its advantages are multifaceted. But its not just about the claims; its effectiveness is rooted in science.

Numerous medical studies have showcased the tangible benefits of Lactobacillus Plantarum, underscoring its role in enhancing overall well-being and even combating common canine ailments. By opting for our probiotics, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re investing in a scientifically-backed solution for your pup’s health. Want to learn more? Explore its wonders and its myriad of benefits in our detailed article. Gift your dog the essence of nature, amplified by research.

Learn more about Lactobacillus Plantarum

Inactive Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, hyrdroxypropyl methylcellulose, natural pork flavor, dried apple pomace/dried citrus pulp, stearic acid, sodium carbonate.

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Dosage for Every Age ‘N’ Size

Small Tablets, Powerful Results

Each pearl-sized tablet, makes it easy to mix in their food and packs a powerful punch with 1 billion CFUs. Our patented probiotic strain boasts a 95% acceptability rate in dogs, ensuring minimal side effects. Perfectly crated for pups of all sizes and ages, with minimal ingredients. Our probiotics work through the day to ensure round the clock health benefits.

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Under 25 pounds
1 tablet
25 - 50 pounds
2 tablets
Over 50 pounds
2 - 3 tablets

Dosage is based on weight and should be given with food. It can be given all at once or split up through the day

Testimonials from Dog Parents

Bella's Blossoming Health

"Meet Bella! She is a rescue with a bit of problems. She had issues with female health, UTIs, and digestive issues. Not so anymore! Tails ‘N’ Tummies has helped so much! No more irritation or urinary tract issues! As you ladies may understand, it’s no fun! Thank you Tails ‘N’ Tummies!!"

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ZsaZsa’s Allergy Alleviation

"Say hello to ZsaZsa! Before we started Tails ‘N’ Tummies, ZsaZsa was allergic to 24 food allergies. I have tried almost everything. We have been to 3 different veterinarians. Finally, I was told to try probiotics. I thought, let’s clean her gut. Four months later, Wow!! It works!!! I’m a firm believer. This product works. I am so grateful for them and so is my fur baby ZsaZsa. I have 3 Westies and they are all on it now."

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Diesel’s Delightful Turnaround

"My fur baby’s name is Diesel. Tails ‘N’ Tummies has been a game changer in our household. Diesel is such a happy dog since we started using your product. He no longer has an unhappy tummy, no more runny poop, doesn’t lick or scratch anymore, and I can tell he just feels good. His digestion issues have improved the most. I have my active light hearted pup back because of Tails ‘N’ Tummies. Diesel and I will always be grateful to you all. Thank you so much!"

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Howls from Our TNT Family

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